Should You Hire A Property Management Service?


Many property owners are conflicted about whether to personally manage their investments or use a property management service. It’s a personal decision that is dependent on the available time and resources to the owner, as well as their market knowledge on how to best position the property to maximize its earning potential.

The main advantages to using a property management service is minimal vacancy and controlled costs. Many smart investors already know the value and use these services, but High Fidelity offers something the competition does not. Because of our small yet highly experienced staff size, clients have direct access to personalized attention and service. Our mission is to bring Chicago a fresh, competent and adaptable property management solution.

Since we work, eat, sleep, and breathe in the market, we know what market value can keep the units occupied for the highest rental rates. We also maintain timely reporting and funding with a proven track record of decreasing turn-over rates and collecting rent on time.

We also manage relationships and have an outstanding roster of accredited service providers that do excellent work at competitive rates so your investment will be preserved in top physical condition.

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