High Fidelity’s Favorite Articles of 2015

  Now that it’s the new year, we decided to take one last look at our favorite real estate and Chicago neighborhood-related articles we’ve shared via our Twitter page (@HighFidelityPM) in 2015: 23 Reasons Why Chicago is the Best Damn City in the World http://www.buzzfeed.com/jonmichaelpoff/reasons-chicago-is-the-greatest-city-in-the-world#.ky3rO5kR2   Chicago’s Greatest Surviving Gilded Age Mansions, Mapped http://chicago.curbed.com/archives/2015/12/10/surviving-gilded-age-mansions-map.php   [...]

The 2016 Real Estate Outlook For Chicago and National Markets

2015 has been a strong year for Real Estate, but where is the Chicago and national market headed for 2016? We’ve been watching the market closely and have carefully tracked other experts in the market, as well. Chicago Real Estate Market Forecast Predictions For 2016: Economists at Zillow predict that the market will slow for [...]

Have You “Winterized” Your Property Yet?

Much colder temperatures are right around the corner, so if you haven’t taken care of “winterizing” your property for the winter months, NOW is the time. Addressing simple maintenance issues for winter will not only save you from larger near-term repair bills, it will save you substantial $$ on your energy bills. A recent study [...]

John McGeown’s Mid-Year Real Estate Update

  Mid-year update… with gratitude Like most people, I sometimes (often) have to remind myself why I love my job. Real estate can be a very challenging path and there’s certainly no shortage of tough times. Take for instance, when I started in the business in 2008 during the beginning of the US Housing Bubble. [...]

What Should You Do To Get A Property Ready To Show For Market?

Whether you’re putting a property on the market to sell or rent, there are several simple essentials to make a property more desirable to a potential buyer or renter. Here are 6 simple ways to make a property its most appealing for showings: 1. De-clutter The Unit From Top To Bottom This includes a thorough [...]

Tips On How To Win A Multiple-Offer Real Estate Situation

  This season, we have already encountered several multiple-offer situations with our clients in some of Chicago’s most sought-after neighborhoods. This situation can be very stressful for all parties, so know what you’re willing to do in advance to secure the property will give you a leg-up on competing offers.   Here are some general [...]

Chicago Neighborhood Spotlight: Logan Square

  Logan Square is no longer a hidden gem of a neighborhood—it’s become a bustling destination for great restaurants, live entertainment, shopping and some of Chicago’s most interesting Real Estate, old and new. Here are 7 reasons why we personally love Logan Square (in no particular order): 1. The 606/Bloomingdale Trail—A nearly $100M City of [...]

Tips on Buying Your First Investment Property

Where To Start? ​At first glance, it might seem fairly easy to locate and purchase an investment property with a strong cash flow/ROI. However, there are several important factors that first-time buyers need to consider before moving forward.   1. Location The key to finding a perfect investment property is to pinpoint neighborhoods that are [...]

Should You Hire A Property Management Service?

  Many property owners are conflicted about whether to personally manage their investments or use a property management service. It’s a personal decision that is dependent on the available time and resources to the owner, as well as their market knowledge on how to best position the property to maximize its earning potential. The main [...]

Reforming Traditional Policies: The Elimination of Tenant Security Deposits

The rental industry standard since the dawn of time has been to require a security deposit, usually equivalent to one month’s rent. This practice was put into place to protect the owner’s financial interest in case of damage, or if the tenant becomes delinquent on rent. For the first time ever in 2014, the new [...]