An Introduction


Happy New Year. Along with reflection, I like the feeling of renewal this time brings.

2014 was a time of transition for me, with the biggest change being growing my sales business and the team of my company, High Fidelity Property Management.

With 10 years experience in the Chicago market and now having a team of five full-time employees, it has allowed me to expand my portfolio and be an integral part of all phases in the real estate cycle from sales, leasing, managing rehabs and investments, and it puts me in a unique position to be a resource to all of you.

This year, one thing I’m going to do more regularly is share my perspective to continue to establish myself an industry expert, so I welcome you to follow along the blog as we highlight interesting things about the market, property management and Chicago. And not just follow, hopefully engage you enough to join the conversation.

This year, I’m excited for what’s to come. The market is in a unique and strong position and I think those in the real estate trenches can look forward to a year of prosperity. I hope 2015 brings you heath and happiness.

John McGeown

Owner, High Fidelity Property Management